Unsolved Crimes

Kathleen Durdin - 91 year old woman bashed to death in her house

Date: 2000/5/30
Location: Australia


Friends and neighbours of 91-year-old South Australian woman Kathleen Durdin described her as a "perfect lady", always perfectly dressed, even when walking to the corner store.

Her friends became concerned when she failed to arrive to catch the bus for her fortnightly trip to Elizabeth on the morning of July 26,2000.

Mrs Durdin`s body was found in the kitchen of her Hamley Bridge home by a relative, who lived nearby after a worried Meals on Wheels deliverer contacted the neighbour when the elderly lady didn`t answer her door.

**Mrs Durdin had been bashed to death and her house ransacked.**

Police believe she was attacked with a blunt instrument, but have not been able to find the murder weapon.

The community of Hamley Bridge, 70km north of Adelaide, is shocked at Mrs Durdin`s murder.

Len Brereton, Mrs Durdin`s 81-year-old cousin said: "I have been the senior citizens treasurer for 16 years and Kathy is a member. I just can`t believe someone could do this."

**"I think they should lash the bastard and then hang him," Mr Brereton said of his cousin`s killer.**

Phil Gates, owner of the corner store where Mrs Durdin regularly walked to buy milk and bread said: "She was a lovely person, so full of life."

On the Sunday after the murder, Father Rod Godden, the minister at Mrs Durdin`s church, said the killer must be having trouble with dealing with what had happened and urged that person to surrender to police.

**"I think whoever did this must be bearing a terrible burden - it would be easier for them if they were able to get it off their chest," Father Godden said.**