Unsolved Crimes

1970 murders of Newcastle lovers Irene Rees and Raymond Hill being re-investigated

Date: 1970/01/03
Location: , Australia


The 1970 unsolved murders of Irene Rees and her boyfriend Raymond Hill are being re-examined by a special police task force.

In January of that year Miss Rees and Mr Hill were found dead at a popular lovers' lane hangout near South Newcastle beach, NSW. The couple had been shot at point-blank range while embracing on a rug. Police believe the killer stalked the couple before shooting them.

Despite being the subject of the largest investigation ever in the Newcastle area, no charges were ever laid.

In 1997 Newcastle detectives travelled to a country town in western NSW after receiving information about a possible suspect. Unfortunately the inquiries proved to be fruitless.

Police are now hoping new technology such as DNA testing might provide vital leads in this baffling case.