Professional Misconduct

Roger Steven Jones

Address: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Doctor
Date: 1 June 2005


Dr Roger Steven Jones was reprimanded on 1 June 2005 by a Medical Tribunal.

The Health Care Complaints Commission (“the Commission”) complains in its amended complaint (“the complaint”) dated 23 March 2003 that Dr. Roger Steven Jones (“the practitioner”) was guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct and/or professional misconduct within the meaning of s.36 and s.37 of the Medical Practice Act, 1992 (“the Act”).

Particulars of the complaint were:

(1) Between about January 1995 and about July 1998 the practitioner engaged in a personal and sexual relationship with patient A;

(2) Following the commencement of the sexual relationship the practitioner continued to treat patient A;

(3) In 1996 the practitioner used the title psychiatrist when he was not entitled to do so;

(4) Between about January 1995 and about July 1998, the practitioner held himself out to patient A to be a psychiatrist when he was not qualified as a psychiatrist;

(5) Between around late December 1998 and around mid-June 2002 the practitioner engaged in an inappropriate personal relationship with patient B.

The orders made by the Tribunal were;

  1. The Tribunal finds that the conduct of the practitioner in respect of such particulars amounts to unsatisfactory professional conduct.

  2. The Tribunal finds that an appropriate order in the circumstances of this case is that pursuant to s.64(2) of the Act, that the practitioner not be re-registered.

  3. The Tribunal further orders that pursuant to s.64(3) of the Act that the practitioner not be permitted to make an application for registration until the expiration of five years.

  4. Costs are reserved.